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Welcome to Amazing Satun in Southern Thailand. Find out all you need to know about Satun Province, Satun Travel guides, Satun maps, Satun Attractions. Wide range of Satun Hotels Thailand accommodations with super saving special internet rates. Explore Manang, Palm Phatthana, Koh Lipe Island, Ko Tarutao National Park and all other beautiful attraction in Satun.

Satun Waterfalls
Namtok Wang Sai Thong is located in Nam Phood sub district, La-ngu District.  The waterfall can be reached by 2 routes, namely 1) taking the Satun-La-ngu Road at Ban Ko Ta junction, Kamphaeng sub district. From there, it is about 26 kilometers to Namtok Wang Sai Thong. 2) Using Wa Bridge in Thung Wa district, Pa Kae Bo Hin sub district. This route is 19 kilometers. The highlight of this waterfall is the pool of water in each limestone basin that resembles a blooming lotus when water falls down to that level. The area has large shady trees and is suitable for relaxation.


         Namtok Than Sawan is a five-level waterfall located at Khuan Kalong district, 12 kilometers from Khuan Kalong District Office. Drive onto the road that lies in front of the Industrial Estate Office junction, which passes the Khuan Kalong district, and then drive onwards to Soi 10.

         Namtok Panan or Panan waterfall originates from Ka Ming Mountain, which is in Thung Nui sub district, Khuan Kalong district, 39 kilometers from town. The waterfall is not disturbed by civilization, although there is a small dam for supply electricity at waterfall which impacts scenario. However, the waterfall has a year-round supply of water and is surrounded by mountain and a pleasant forested area.

         Namtok Ton Plio originates from Lung Khroe Mountain in Trang-Satun Province. It is one of beautiful waterfall in Satun, located in Moo 7, Thung Wa sub district, Thung Wa district and 14 kilometers from District Office. The waterfall has two-level. The lower level is a basin that is 40 meters wide and 50 meters long. The waterfall is surrounded by lush vegetation and various kinds of trees.

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