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Tarutao National Park

Tarutao National Park ;Located in tambon Ko Sarai, Amphoe Muang. It is announced to be a national Park since 1974 including 51 islands Iying around Andaman Sea, Straight of Malacca, It is the most southern  island of Thailand, 4.8 k.m. from Langkawi, Malaysia. In 1982 In was honored “ASEAN “ Herigate Park and Reserver”

 Tarutao Island is the biggest Island of Tarutao National Park It’s most land containts hills, wood, cliff and small gulfs.
Location : Amphoe La-Ngu
About 51 large and small islands in the Straits of Malacca in the Indian Ocean have been established as "Tarutao National Park" as proclaimed in the Royal Gazette of April 20 ,1974. The park consists of 7 large islands namely, Tarutao, Adang, Rawi, Lipeh (Nipis), Dong (Budang), Lek (Bisi) and Klang (Tengah). Later UNESCO proclaimed the Tarutao National Park as the "Heritage of ASEAN" a place to be protected and conserved for people all over the world to appreciate.

Of all the islands in this marine park system, Tarutao is the largest, encompassing an area of 151 square kilometers or an equivalent of 44,345 rais. It is 11 kilometers wide and 24 kilometers long. Most of the area is rocky mountains with the highest slope of 708 meters. Most plains can be found in the valleys and seashores. Ko Tarutao consists of many large and small coves and bays around the island, each of which runs a small stream flowing from the central part of the island into the sea on the western side.

How to get there

By Bus
There’re 465 km. from Bangkok to Had Yai. From Had Yai, you can go to Pak Ba Ra (Bakbara) ferry departure point by Had Yai – Ra Ngoo taxi or take mini bus from La Ngoo to Pak Ba Ra. You can even take the coach or local bus from Had Yai to Pak Ba Ra.

By Plane
Form Bangkok to Had Yai. Form Ari Port by mini bus to kasad market 20 baht/person. From Kasad Market by van to Pakbara Pier 100 baht/person. Had Yai to Pakbara pier 1-2 hour.




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